On Adventures

Living in Lagos has taken me out of my comfort zone.

I take buses and go long distances:

So I take buses and kekes and I ask for directions in the middle of the road.

I’ve gotten lost once or twice,

Or many times.

And I don’t like going out.

Once I was going to see a friend.

I got so lost I thought I would get kidnapped.

But I like the thrill that comes with getting where I am going.

Like last Monday I had a test for a job.

I asked for directions:

From my house to a place

To a place

To a bus where no one knew where I was going


A woman outside the bus stop who knew.

Or yesterday,

Yesterday I shocked myself

I took a bus from the Airport in Lagos to a place

Then a place

Then a place, then walked under the rain to my house.

Then I was so happy

Only to get home and get locked out for hours

Cause no one was there

So the heat from my body dried my wet clothes

But when I got in I


I warmed beans and stew and chicken

I fried plantain, toasted bread, made tea

I ate and I was happy in the end.

I have learnt that many people are kind because deep down they are like you.

I have learnt that home is not always where your heart is, but where the food is.

I have learnt that life is an adventure, and an adventure is any thing you go on that takes you somewhere you’ve never been before.

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