Re-cap: Building a viral app in 48 hours

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This post is a summary of what I’ve been upto the past 5 days, building a web app for the #keepthechangeBruh trend. It all started when Benjamin Dada sent out a tweet requesting a frontend developer to build an app.

My first impression was that it’s a job offer so I chipped in even though, I’m not a frontend developer but in the spirit of improving myself I decided to take up the challenge.

After approaching Benjamin Dada, he explained what he is trying to build. Initially, I thought the idea was crazy but I got excited because in the end it will help me become a better coder.

Since #KeepThechangeBruh is a trending topic we had to be very quick in building the MVP. I started building on the design made by Early Attoh (Our UI designer) in that same night I talked to Ben.

I finished the initial frontend in a day and Adewale Abati (a more experienced back-end developer) came around to add some functionality to the app. The whole team was not happy with the look and feel of the app. At that point, we had to enlist the help of Yomi (a kick-ass front-end developer) to build on what I had done so far.

He was really fast and finished the whole polishing in just a night making it look more like the original design spec. With this, we were happy to launch it.

Left; Early’s UI Design and Right Yomi’s Front-end Design

Although, the trend was subsiding, that didn’t affect the moral of the team who had already gone ahead to purchase a domain name for the app.

Thanks to Benjamin’s excellent management and push to launch at least a first version of the app, it happened.

After the launch, we were all relieved. Now, it was time to gain traction. Having missed the opportunity to gain traction organically as at when the trend was still hot and people were actively searching the hashtag. Unfortunately, a football match was on-going that day and as such people were more focused on tweeting about the match. Therefore, we had to start messaging people directly to try out the app.

Finally, it started gaining traction.

We want to believe that what helped us gain traction was the social integration on the last screen of the app. Where people could share their results on Twitter. E.g

To our amazement, in just 3 hours…The app saw 1000 pageviews.

I was really surprised and at that point I felt relieved and I am starting to think that my dream of building something people would actually use could be a reality. Even though it might be trivial, I’m actually glad to be a part of something people are interested in using.

Above all , I’ve learnt a lot in 48 hours of building the app and look forward to building more amazing thing.

It was a privilege to work with people like Ace (a badass developer), Ben (a top manager), Yomi (He actually knows what he is doing when it comes frontend) and Early (A creative designer).

Thanks to those who have started contributing to the codebase on github. I didn’t really expect that people would be interested in contributing to something of this nature.