Part A — So, you want to school in the UK?

Relationships: Bring your bae and be coming

Editors note: I want to be as explicit as possible so, this would be done in a series.

Oh my God! What have I done? I legit set myself up on Twitter. I should have said a larger number, so I’d have time to think and write.

Well, the major reason I am doing this is cause of the little I have experienced and don’t want another to go through. I remember running off to write an article about studying in the UK, within 2 days of my arrival. I thought I was being too forward. But, here I am 79 days in and not much has changed. You should probably read that before this.

Thinking of the best way to do this…list or story format. Let’s do list and story.

How happy I want my bae to be in my arms — 2017

Bae/Geh-frend/Folake — you name it; just make sure you lap your bae on the plane when you are coming.

Don’t even try to judge me or anything. I am in my twenties and this is about the most interesting conversation I have with people, asides making money.

As I said in that my first article, I thought because most people here were portrayed to be loose; I’d have to be warding off sexual advances from the opposite sex, fighting temptations if you like.

Fam! be not deceived they all have boyfriends in Dubai/Australia/Nigeria…especially the ones doing Masters.

This is how they walk around here; in twos! :(

One particularly interesting scenario was when me and one young-looking babe became friends on FB after discussing in class; so, I wanted to message her on FB about something (perhaps, a hang out and stuff) but couldn’t find her in my contact list, only for me to see her after some days and she told me that her fiance (in one other part of the world) doesn’t want her having any more male friends (on FB)….

This was me upon hearing that

In my head, I was like, “but fam! this babe is (*looks) too young to have a fiance…even if!!!” I couldn’t understand.

Advice to the Single-from-Birth people: Just make sure you join a group/society; there, you’d meet some undergraduates that might not be taken yet. Act now, Be wise!
If you resume late, then you can see that you are the cause of your problem…boys are not smiling, from the first meeting they be setting P. 
All the best!

Next — Transportation: Everywhere does not lead to everywhere, it’s UK not Lagos (as the movie ‘Taxi Driver’ puts it).

Still to come:

  • Academics: no CA; your destiny is hanging on a 2,500 word long essay. Trust me, it is different from writing a blog post
  • Getting Fund (ing)(ed): The Exchange rate is not smiling
  • Food: What if I don’t know how to cook?
  • Getting Admission