Part B — So, you want to study in the UK?

Transportation — It is quite easy but not free!

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This just reminds me of the Danfo (Yellow Bus) in Nigeria

For real, I thought that when I came to the UK, I would be able to find all those my ‘lost’ Uncles and Aunts. You know the way, they used to say, “Even mama Taju’s son is in the UK…you can be going there to play every weekend”

Fam, UK is not Agege-Pencinema, it is a freaking Country. Mama Taju’s son can be in London and you are in Lancaster that is about 2hr 30mins hours if you have money for train and 5–6hours by bus.

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Here is a quick look at the train price for OUT/RETURN London. Do you know what £89 can do to your life? In naira now, that is about 89 * 600 = ₦53,400. And since, you’d be a student it is assumed that you aren’t making any money just yet.

The transportation system in UK is quite solid but that doesn’t mean you’d just “appear” at your destination. It takes planning, time and money.

So, when next someone from Nigeria says, greet my brother for me…you know what to tell them.

N.B — If you find that you’d be traveling long distances (by train), then get a Railcard which is a one-time fee of £30 but it cuts your train journeys by about 1/3. For instance, look at the LAN → LON above, first, notice the price change from £89.10 to £92.20 but look at the £32.20 reduction due to the Railcard applied (you have legit made up for the cost of the railcard). Just find out which one you can get in your school.

How to Navigate this?

  • Plan your Journeys: When you are in the UK is a good time to travel round Europe, apply for a Schengen Visa and go to Italy and friends. If you are able to Plan your journey then book early.
  • Book early: Things are very cheap when you book like very early say months before. But to think that you can just wake up today and decide to go for a party in Manchester…then your father must be a boss.
  • Use bus: This is time consuming but trust me the same trip to London from Lancaster would cost you only about £20 pounds via bus. If you booked earlier in the week, it would have been like £17 pound. A friend booked months before and she paid £1 pound from her location to her destination!
    Free trips 
    — some buses have free trips where you don’t pay anything at all but reserve the seat. So, back to our point one, plan the trips, as much as possible!
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  • Book a return: Most services have cheaper return rates than 2 singles. So yeah, even if you need to move it later, it might be worth booking a return.
  • Carry a laptop: Bus or train; there is usually socket to charge your device. Also, some of them have WiFi facilities on board. So yeah, plug your earpiece and enjoy apple music / Netflix. Ideally, you should try meeting someone new on the journey.

Bon Voyage!

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