The transfer setbacks facing Chelsea FC

Why can’t we sign another solid player like Kante?

In this current transfer window, the Champions of England have found it difficult (up to the moment of writing this article) to land their desired transfer targets. To the extent of losing their “major target” of the summer, Lukaku, to a rival in Manchester United. This is unlike Chelsea to have players ‘snatched’ from her.

In this article, we will take a look at 5 possible reasons for the setbacks Chelsea is suffering in this transfer window.

1. The sudden increase in the valuation of players

European football has seen a sudden rise in general player valuations by clubs. This they do to scare-off potential suitors, and to also realise more profit on the player sales (which enables them fund other expenses such as getting a replacement).

Mino Raiola, Football Agent

The latest development now is the fees agents are demanding as compensation. Take a look at Mino Raiola who happens to be Lukaku’s agent and also Paul Pogba’s agent. Raiola demand of £10,000,000 from Chelsea to complete Lukaku’s deal was quite ridiculous. And Chelsea was not willing to pay that much to an agent. As a result, Lukaku sealed a move to Manchester United (Man-U) who was willing to pay his fee.

Asides that, there has been a general price increase in players valuation as this transfer window has seen alot of Clubs break their transfer records e.g. Liverpool’s Salah, Everton’s Keane, Bournemouth’s Ake, Arsenal’s Lacazette etc.

Hence, this has played a huge part in Chelsea’s less active transfer window.

2. Clubs unwillingness to release their Players

Most clubs are not willing to loose their key players to some other clubs even when the player desires so, probably because there are limited alternatives to fill the void when the player is gone. It can also be to prevent the player moving to a rival club, because it might come back to haunt them at a later time.

Looking at the situation of Verratti of PSG; Verratti’s agent reportedly told the club he wants his client (Verratti) to move to Barcelona, but the club is adamant that Verratti must see out his contract with the team. This cannot be as a result of the money factor because Barcelona are reported to have offered about 90 million euros. Verratti’s contract with PSG is due to expire in 2021, after which he will become a free agent (which will not be favourable to PSG) except they can persuade him to sign a contract extension.

Alex Sandro, Juve LB

Another good example is Alex Sandro of Juventus. Juventus is not willing to sell Alex Sandro for 65 million pounds (world record to be paid for a defender) probably because there are no available alternatives should he leave the club.

This unwillingness to release players by the clubs is one of the many reasons that Chelsea is experiencing a quiet transfer window.

3. Chelsea is not being creative in the market

There is a particular saying that says,

use what you have to get what you need

Chelsea has not been able to offer a player exchange to get the player they need, even if it means adding cash.

Chelsea has a lot of players in their ranks that do not meet the standards set by the coach, but meet the requirements of other coaches.

These players could be offered in exchange for other players of their choice, instead of selling or loaning them out.

This mode of thinking could have been used to get Everton to sell Lukaku to us, rather than Man-U.

Taking a closer look at the Lukaku case; Man-U was able to persuade Everton to sell because they offered Wayne Rooney and additional cash.

Assuming Chelsea already used this trick, and offered a less important player, we could have gotten our man.

Nevertheless, its not too late as we could still employ this method in our subsequent deals.

Nathan Ake

Looking at the Alex Sandro situation, we could have used Nathan Ake as a bait to get our man. Simply put, we could have offered 40 million pounds alongside Nathan Ake. By now, we would have gotten our man without much deliberation between both teams. Instead, we sold Nathan Ake for 20 million to Bournemouth and inserted a buy-back clause into the deal (which is also fair).

Summarily, Chelsea needs to get bit more creative in our quest to land our main targets.

4. Thinking within the Box

This does not mean Chelsea is not pursuing the right targets. But I sincerely believe Chelsea is not looking at some other viable options who could come in at a cheaper cost.

Taking a look at our striking options, we are aware of Guardiola’s interest in Sanchez who could come in to strike for Man city. Man city already have Gabriel Jesus and should they get Sanchez, Aguero might consider leaving Man city. Recent reports have it that the wage Sanchez is demanding to sign a new contract at Arsenal is too high. As a result, Arsene Wenger might be forced to cash in on Sanchez and probably get Lemar from Monaco.

Sergio Aguero

In my opinion, Aguero is the best striker in EPL; as evidenced by his stats since arriving at Man city.

During last season, you could see Pep (Guardiola) benching Aguero for Gabriel Jesus, which to me is an insult to Aguero.

I think Chelsea should table a bid for Aguero once Man city gets Alexis Sanchez. I see this option as a very realistic one.

5. The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality

It is no longer news that Chelsea won the Premier League last season and as a result, the “ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix mentality” sets in (aka complacency). The same title winning squad is intact, except for the possible exit of Diego Costa.

Premier League winning squad ‘17

Just a quick reminder, Eden Hazard is injured till September, and when he returns, he will need to go through a series of matches and training to get match fit. Before he is fully back, we should have had at least 7 weeks of premier league action. Before then, our only options for both flanks are; Pedro, Willian and Musonda. Chelsea currently needs an additional winger as they will be playing in 4 different competitions next season including the Champions League.

Chelsea didn’t play in the Champions League last season, so, their narrow squad was not exposed as they had about a week in most cases to recover and get ready for the next game. With Diego Costa likely to leave, we will need to acquire another Striker.

For more information on the Striker options available to Chelsea, check

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