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Letter sent on Apr 13, 2017

We are rebranding and other links worth your time

TL;DR we changed our name from “Growing Writers” to “Write”

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I’ve been away for a while.

But, I have been thinking about the name of the publication and the impression it has on people. Two things: 1. It is ambiguous and as a result 2. Some might find it ‘insulting’.

Hence, I’ve decided to rename it to WRITE. That is, still retaining the mission of having Writers write and us (the publication) share. But this time around the name is clearer, punchy and seats nicely in the title bar.

The new name reads as part of a sentence

For instance, for our section on Tech (which appears to be the most blossoming section), it reads Tech — Write — Medium. Sounds nicer to me. What do you think?

Top 3 posts worth your while

  1. Distributed Learning in Africa: In this post, Babajide outlines 5 ways in which one could move from n00b (newbie) in a particular discourse to more learned. Currently, the post has about 1,200 views, an alarming 60% read ratio and 76 recommends. Do well to check it out.
  2. Building a Viral App in 48 hours: Here, Abiodun talks about his experience working with a team of developers and a Project Manager to churn out an app that leveraged social media trends. No pun intended, but while it lasted, the app trended :)
  3. I am not a Geek, but I need a job too: This outcry on automation and augmentation strategies has already been published on several platforms. It simply talks about the technological anxiety that arises from advancements in Technology and how to maintain relevance.

Notable mention: ForloopCU: A recap on the Greatness I experienced — a post that also trended in February, talks about the learnings and experience of a young female developer at the Forloop event organised in a Nigerian Private University. Give it a read!

Going forward…

I intend to be more diligent in bringing you a weekly wrap-up of top post in the Publication and others I come across on Medium. Also, to encourage you all to submit your stories (Life Lessons, Tech, Education, Internships, Humour and more recently Politics) and as I have done with the other post featured above, I will edit and publish for you.

Have a blissful weekend. And Happy Easter in advance.

Kind regards,


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