We should all make New Year Resolutions

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I am precisely the type of nerd that would argue that January 1st is an artificial construct that has no significance outside of the arbitrary nature in which cultures have decided to section time. Time is fluid. Bla. Bla. Bla.

I actually remember a time when I did not make New Year’s Resolutions because of the arbitrariness of the whole thing. After all, I said, every moment in time is an opportunity to reflect, reset, renew and re-energize (yes, my inner dialogues sound like a Tony Robins pep talk). Further, “New Year’s Day” varies quite drastically around the world, across cultures. Chinese New Year is in February, Persian in March, Islamic New Year is variable.

Simpler Times

The times when I sneezed at New Year’s Resolutions were simpler days when my biggest problem was getting straight A’s in college or finding ways to pay for school or some derivative of the “education problem.” I was largely focused at excelling at one thing. It was easy to define my goals, focus on accomplishing those goals, periodically evaluate my progress towards those goals and have a time of reflection on whether or not I accomplished the stated goals.

To Resolution or Not to Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions for me now, as a man living a fairly complex life with many facets, are all about:

  1. Defining goals across all facets of my life.
  2. Working at accomplishing those goals.
  3. Measuring progress towards the goals.
  4. Being able to retrospect and evaluate my performance relative to the stated goals.

In simpler times, all of these things were built into my life. As life gets more complex and there is a need for tangible growth, the turn of a New Year, arbitrary or not, becomes a tremendous opportunity to set new goals, grow and hopefully, making these changes last.

Resolve to have a great 2018.