What I learnt from Rejection

My journey as a young job seeker

I actually can’t sit this way…lol


  • I have attended 2 multinational company interviews
  • In total, I have attended 7 interviews from 6 companies
  • I have been rejected 4 times (twice from the same company)
  • Now, I have worked in 3 companies
  • Now, I have written 1 resignation letter
  • Now, turned down 2 offers
  • Now, I have made a counter-offer and won my negotiation
  • I currently match make vacancies to the under-employed as well as coach people on the application process
  • After all this struggle, I might end up an entrepreneur (sad right? LOL)
Apparently my TLDR; is even Too Long To Read…LOL

In the course of my job search I have grown by leaps and bounds in the art and science of making job applications as well as becoming a good interviewee.

Some of the things I did were:

  1. Paid for a crash course on the Finance Industry, Investment Banking, Job Application and Interview Tips.
  2. Took on a few leadership and managerial roles, itemizing from the beginning what I would like to say about my time there.
  3. Networked aggressively with colleagues and seniors (ranged from attending meet-ups, conferences, one-time events etc).
  4. Harnessed the power of GOOGLE.
  5. Told my story before it even started (I figured out the job qualifications early enough and then start organizing my experiences to suite them).
  6. Got a powerful social media presence (500+ connections on LinkedIn, 1000+ Followers on Twitter, Personal Website) — I used this to maintain the contacts I networked with in number 2 above.
  7. I bathed (still do) in blog posts and intellectual online forums like Medium and Quora (averaging 5 a day).
  8. Had a Role Model (still in search of a Mentor).
  9. APPLIED! — there were a lot of times I would see big opportunities and doubt myself; but guess what? the application process is a learning process.
  10. Engaged in INTERNSHIPS — can’t be overemphasized! (then I used wIntern to apply but been a while I was on there; now I kind of support the guys stutern

There is still a lot I can say on the issue of career progression. But I would update the list as I remember.

One thing that has helped me through all of these is the fact that:

Everyday is a story

The word HISTORY comes from the fact that as each day goes by; the stories stack up thereby forming a HIgh STORY => HISTORY. (we teach stuff like this @successcongress)

In the nearest future I hope to have a seminar for young people treading this path. Currently, I am the Lead Speaker and President of The Success Congress.

Please feel free to drop your suggestions for undergraduates and don’t forget to follow us @successcongress (reference this post for a follow back).

Thank you for reading, if you learnt anything kindly give this post a recommend. You can also leave me a comment on inquiries or say hello.

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