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Benji Bananas announces first season reward campaign consisting of 18 million PRIMATE tokens for Membership Pass holders

We’re giving out PRIMATE tokens to holders of Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFTs! The first season reward campaign consists of a total of 18,000,000 PRIMATE tokens to be shared evenly among all eligible Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT holders. The upcoming seasons of the reward campaigns will follow a play-and-earn mechanism where tokens will be distributed according to player performance tracking in-game.

In order to be eligible to receive the PRIMATE tokens, you are required to:

  1. own at least 1 Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT, which is available on OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible and Coinbase when the snapshot occurs at May 26, 2022, 23:59pm EST.
  2. link your Apple ID or Google Play account to your wallet on the Benji Bananas website (see the steps below); and
  3. complete the Blockpass KYC verification process.

Please note that holding more than one Membership Pass does not grant you additional rewards. This first reward pool will be distributed as an airdrop. We will be announcing more information on the upcoming reward campaigns and Benji Bananas play-and-earn mechanics in the near future.

Below is a summary showing the minimum expected rewards from the first season reward campaign.

  • First season reward campaign: 18,000,000 PRIMATE tokens
  • Max possible eligible Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT owners: 5,000
  • Minimum reward per owner = 18,000,000 / 5,000 = 3,600 PRIMATE tokens

Note that the above is the minimum reward based on the maximum possible number of Membership Pass owners (5,000). If there are only 2,000 owners of Membership Passes, then they will each earn 9,000 PRIMATE instead.

Link your Apple ID or Google Play account to your wallet

You must link your Apple ID and Google Play account to your wallet, which holds the Benji Bananas Member Pass NFT, to be eligible to receive the PRIMATE token rewards

  1. Go to the Benji Bananas Website
  2. Click the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your wallet

Make sure you are connecting the wallet that holds your Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT to the site, so your ownership of the pass can be verified.

3. Sign in with your Apple ID or Google Play account to link it to your wallet on the website

Note that this ID or account must be the same as the one you are using to play the Benji Bananas mobile game.

4. Make sure you also complete the Blockpass KYC user verification process to be eligible to receive the PRIMATE token rewards.

Why do we need the KYC verification?

We are facilitating KYC to establish the legitimacy of our players and build a level playing ground for play-and-earn. KYC is also used in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering and other financial crimes.

Establishing the KYC process, we want to ensure that our players earning PRIMATE are legitimate Membership Pass holders and not bots or scripts that can hold multiple Membership Passes and cheat the system.

We use Blockpass, an independent KYC and AML self-sovereign identity provider. Note that Animoca Brands cannot see your personal information at all, and Blockpass destroys your data after verification and only stores an anonymous representation of your data.

To keep up with PRIMATE news and announcements on the upcoming reward campaigns, please follow us on Twitter.



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