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Benji Bananas first season reward campaign update

[First published on June 7, 2022; last updated on June 21, 2022]

Our first season reward campaign has now ended, and we are glad to see the community enjoying the game and our $PRIMATE drops! Here’s an update on some of the numbers from the first season reward campaign.

First season reward campaign: 18,001,500 $PRIMATE tokens

  • Week 1 drops: 4,327,200 $PRIMATE (3,600 per eligible wallet)
  • Week 2 drops: 4,727,900 $PRIMATE (2,200 per eligible wallet + 1,500 bonus for week 1 & week 2 holders)
  • Week 3 drops: 4,506,600 $PRIMATE (2,000 per eligible wallet, 2,500 for holders over 2 weeks and 3,500 for holders for all 3 weeks)
  • Week 4 drops: 4,439,800 $PRIMATE (1500 per eligible wallet, 1,700 for holders over 2 weeks, 2,000 for holders over 3 weeks and 3,000 for holders for all 4 weeks)

We will soon be rolling out an update to the game where we will be tracking your playing metrics used to inform our play-and-earn model. We’ll have further updates to the second season reward campaign closer to the end of the month, keep practicing your swings and get ready to play-and-earn!

In order to be eligible to receive the PRIMATE tokens, you are required to:

  1. own at least 1 Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT, which is available on OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible and Coinbase when the weekly snapshot occurs
  2. link your Apple ID or Google Play account to your wallet on the Benji Bananas website (see the steps below); and
  3. complete the Blockpass KYC verification process.

Step by step instructions on how to verify your wallet at are described in our previous article.

To keep up with PRIMATE news and announcements on the upcoming reward campaigns, please follow us on Twitter.



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