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PRIMATE launches PRIMATE-APE SushiSwap Onsen pool

We have teamed up with SushiSwap to offer an Onsen liquidity pool that gives PRIMATE holders the opportunity to stake PRIMATE-APE Sushi LP tokens for high-APY farming of SUSHI tokens!

As we continue to strengthen the Benji Bananas and ApeCoin ecosystems, we are excited to announce the launch of a PRIMATE-APE Sushi Onsen liquidity pool, a featured pair on the SushiSwap platform that provides our community with the ability to farm PRIMATE and SUSHI tokens in return for staking PRIMATE and APE.

How to stake PRIMATE-APE LP tokens on Sushi Onsen

  1. Navigate to the “Onsen Menu” on the SushiSwap page. Input “PRIMATE” in the search bar and select the PRIMATE-APE pair

2. Input the desired amount required for the PRIMATE-APE pair. The ratio should be 50:50. Click “Approve PRIMATE” and “Approve APE” and confirm the approval transactions in your wallet

3. Click “Confirm Adding Liquidity” and “Confirm Deposit” to the transaction with your wallet

4. Click on the PRIMATE-APE pair in the “Onsen Menu” and click the “Staking” tab. Choose the amount of Sushi Liquidity Provider (SLP) tokens you want to stake, or click “Max”. Click “Approve” and “Confirm Deposit” and confirm the transactions with your wallet.

Congratulations, you are now farming SUSHI with the PRIMATE-APE Onsen pool! You can view your accumulated earnings in the “Rewards” tab.

To keep up with PRIMATE news and announcements, please follow us on Twitter.




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