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3 min readJun 19, 2024

Hey Benji Family!

You might’ve noticed we’ve been quiet lately and that’s because we’ve been heads down cooking up our most exciting development yet! Since we started our Swing-and-Earn events they’ve exceeded our expectations and we’re now taking the necessary steps to grow Benji Bananas even further. We’re also taking a bold step to make Benji more community-driven and decentralized!

To ensure we can do this, and to create more enjoyable experiences for everyone, we’ve migrated to Base!

What is Base and why are we migrating?

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 known for its rich community-driven culture, low gas fees, and fast transaction times — being on Base will allow us to continue evolving Benji Bananas in a community environment with many exciting upcoming developments!

Importantly, as you compete in our Swing-and-earn competitions this will mean significantly cheaper fees to claim your winnings — you’ll now be able to keep everything you earn!

So what’s changing?

It’s getting crowded in the jungle so as part of our migration to Base, we’re replacing the BENJI token with a new token named TYBENG (“tie — ben — jee”, or “tai-bang” 太棒! in Mandarin, if you like). TYBENG will now become the core token of Benji Bananas and will replace BENJI in all future Swing-and-Earn events.

The total supply will remain the same, but as part of this change, 90% of the TYBENG supply will be airdropped to all current BENJI holders at a 1:9 ratio (1:8.96345560546 to be exact) — yep, as a BENJI holder, your holdings will increase by 9x!

Later, Benji Pass holders will also receive an airdrop too, please stay tuned for our upcoming announcements.

The remaining 10% of total supply will remain held by the team:

  • Liquidity — 2.39%
  • Marketing — 2.39%
  • Play-and-Earn Rewards — 5.22%

What do you have to do?

Nothing! We’ve already taken a snapshot of your BENJI token and LP holdings on Ethereum, and have airdropped your TYBENG tokens on Base directly into your wallets. You don’t have to do anything else with your BENJI tokens.

The Details

As of the 5th of June 2024, to prepare for the migration we have:

  • Pulled the liquidity from all BENJI pools

As of the 19th of June (Today), we have entered Phase 1 of the migration:

  • Paused the claim function on the website
  • All BENJI holders is getting an airdrop of TYBENG at a ratio of 1:8.96345560546
  • HTX will announce the pause of trading of BENJI

In the coming days, we will enter Phase 2:

  • If you hold any BENJI tokens on HTX, you’ll receive TYBENG at a ratio of 1:8.96345560546 and trading will resume after the migration is completed
  • Liquidity will be added for the TYBENG/TOWER pair on Aerodome to facilitate swaps
  • All Benji Pass holders will receive TYBENG, details to be announced
  • All Benji Pass holders will be airdropped a new Pass on Base

New social media channels

In bringing TYBENG to life, we’ve created a new Twitter/X account specifically for the token. All game announcements and major news will be posted through the existing Benji Bananas accounts, but token-specific information and more regular content will be posted on this new account. Make sure to follow @TybengToken!

Another exciting part of moving to Base is the thriving community that lives on Farcaster. As part of this move, we’ll also be upping our presence there, bringing some exciting content and exclusive activities on Farcaster! Make sure to follow us there @tybengtoken!

Lastly, we understand that many have a preference for Telegram, so in addition to Discord we’ve opened up a Telegram channel to provide another avenue for our token’s community to interact. You can join us on Telegram here.

Team Wallets

The current $BENJI team wallets are listed below:

1. Treasury: 0xfbcaf73b64b72430e1e0997c520855dec5c31b04

2. Liquidity: 0x6b8b3D1C86AF05FCc3Ba02604d54d548a07aE6c7

3. Play-To-Earn: 0x60BF29cB0b5e6AE35fffC2787B4182eAcf009d0C

4. Marketing: 0xE90B7573abD99e27e9c02BDBc30A403528dBA67e

New team wallets have been created to hold $TYBENG:

  1. Liquidity: 0xbF9d2F079931e59f0acA5479877f8bAC0C87C0ed
  2. Play-To-Earn: 0x9f79bD9B1a088495e8729CE96bDa2a4828afAd69
  3. Marketing: 0xdF6fba6edfeA6d3363d3E2b573c25399FAbA22B7

$TYBENG Token Contract Addresses

ETH: 0xd9ebbc7970e26b4eced7323b9331763e8272d011

BASE: 0x029a3b0532871735809A51E8653d6017eF04b6Fa


On Discord, we’ll have a dedicated channel (#tybeng-airdrop) where you can ask and discuss any questions. To keep up with our news and announcements on latest events, please follow us on Twitter.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

Discord | Benji Bananas Twitter | TYBENG Twitter | Telegram | Farcaster