View Corda tables in H2 Database

Ashok JKannan
Apr 22, 2019 · 2 min read
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By default, Corda store their data in an H2 database.

The database (a file called is created when the node first starts up.

Let’s take an example —

We are not going to talk about the CORDA implementation here, we are going to see how the data has been stored by default.

LetterOfCredit application has few modules

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Let’s take the Notary Pool and see how the data are in H2 (by default)

By default, it has an administrator user saand a blank password. The database password is required only when the H2 database is exposed on non-localhost address (which is disabled by default).

Lets say the application is deployed and is running in the portal.

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Connecting using the H2 Console

  • Download the last stable h2 platform-independent zip, unzip the zip, and navigate in a terminal window to the unzipped folder

Identify the file,

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The command to start the H2 console,

java -jar h2–1.4.197.jar -webAllowOthers -tcpAllowOthers

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Use the jdbc URL,


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Once connected, the tables can be viewed,

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That’s it.. Lets rock Blockchain Database guys!!!

Next article we can see about Nodes configured to use PostgreSQL.


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