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A Nice Story of Experience and Failure…

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If you are alone, you are nothing.

Hit to market as soon as possible!

You can translate it :)

Give importance to marketing!

Too hard without budget!

33.50 Turkish Lira = 4,37$
  • At the same time I was applying to work a few company from Turkey and abroad as I was a student. When I said to “I have a startup”, this interview was getting more attention. I called it as a startup although it’s a small project. Then we were talking about the project and in this way they could understand me better. I think this approach makes me more efficient and hardworking. Because those of this ages (20) generally busy to consume something.
  • I was trying to reach a lot of people for comment and feedback before and after launch the project. It’s really interesting because it’s truly world to be friend people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Because there are treat everything as both problem or resolve.
  • When I was go to high school, I coding front side and I don’t know how to coding to back side. I was looking a few people for back end. I was start to meet a few people but I was left halfway. Therefore I learnt Python and then flask framework. I was finally able to write a back end service. It was amazing. You can imagine that this was a very difficult process. So I found myself somewhere I never expected. And I gained a different experience.
  • I had very different trial and error that especially in technology and marketing. If you are a developer, whatever your field is I think you can focus on the field — of course if you are beginner level — . Because it is great investment for the future. By doing this, I can better determine my next step. Because I’ve experienced all this before.
  • Like I said, I talked to a lot of people and heard their opinions. It means I reached new minds and that improve me. I learnt to design and programming, I think it’s very well:) I learnt how difficult the marketing process and which channels to use active. The essence of the word, I learnt very well :)
  • Have we failed? Did not it work? Does it matter? We’ll try again. Our biggest gain from this is: We learned a good lesson and continue on our way to hit the target from 12.
You can translate it :)



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