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Fortunately, I Am Developing The Project.

I use Twitter to share anything I have lived, listened, listened to, though, When I was on Twitter. I’m writing sometimes my mind, sometimes lyrics and sometimes my problem. And recently I had written that project development is a good thing. I preferred the blog instead of twitter. What do they say? “Konustugunu Yazarsan Blog Olur” and I’m writing.

I have started to develop that I have been thinking about my own idea for 2 or 3 years. It took me a long time because I couldn’t spare time and didn’t know the technologies. Over time I have improved myself and spent time in time. Then I have developed the project. I only knew front-end. So I had to look for a friend to back-end. I had met a few people. Either we didn’t get along or he let me down. It didn’t seem like will be this kind of and I had started to learn of Python. I was thinking to develop my project by myself. Let look at the matter.

In This Project:

  • It helped me learn the programming language I wanted to learn.
  • I developed a project after completing a training set.
  • I improved my research skills.
  • I improved a bit of my English.
  • It guided me in human relations.
  • It taught me to be patient.

Let’s go into details. I said I learned Python. I have finished the training set in 1 month. Then I started to develop Flask and My first project is this project. I did the project in about 3 months.

I have searched a lot of things on google Because I didn’t know to use a lot of features in this project. These researches were taking sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 3 hours, sometimes for days. I was taking a break when it lasted more than 3 days. Later I was continuing where I left off. So I understood how important it was to be patient. Turkish resources are insufficient. You are searching for English. I didn’t understand many articles in English and I was translating it into Turkish. Then I was trying to solve the problem.

I was wondering what people thought of my project. I was writing to people for it. Some of them made positive feedback while others didn’t.

That’s all that happened so far.

Now There has marketing and social media business. Let’s see what happens then.

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