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Happiness Of Winning The First Customers

Perhaps someone knows. In the near future, I finally completed the idea that has been on my brain for 2 or 3 years and I took it alive. I had written the story of realizing this idea.

Fikrimi Gerçekleştirme Hikayem (Turkish)

I have received feedbacks very good about my project which has been online for about 2 months. Received this feedbacks are quite motivating me and I focused more on developing the project. My project that I published as MVP still had missing. But I had to publish it as soon as possible and I needed motivating myself. Right now, there are many missing in the project.

Before didn’t publish the project, I asked him to comment and guide me about my project by sending e-mail to people who are good at her/his job or whom I take about. I planned How ı will go such that.

when I published the project on the internet, I share a tweet on my twitter account.

I asked people for support to promote my project. Right now, This tweet saw 7360 people and clicked link 562 people. Thus, There was 700 unique visitors on the first day. Before didn’t publish the project, I was thinking 150 or 250 people would enter the site. I was excited and happy to see 700 people. I only slept 3–4 hours that day. I was also sick.

there was such an interest at first. At the same time, I was received greeting messages, suggestions, messages, e-mails and comments.

4 days ago, the content platform that is created by Firat Demirel shared my project in’s mail group by mentioning it. Thanks to that publication, I had the first customer 3 days ago. I was checking on the server for a new user. And within a few days, I had won another customer. I was happy very much when I receive a message like this.

25 people are using the platform right now.

Let’s talk about some numbers.

Up to the present;

  • 1.546 unique visitor, 5.706 page views.
  • Twitter account has 6 tweets and 7 followers.
  • Instagram account has 58 posts and 79 followers.
  • Expenses: $13 server + 70₺ advertising + 8.88$ domain and sleepless nights
  • Revenues: The happiness of realizing your dream, experience. 0₺ 🙂

That’s all.

Let’s do some advertising 🙂, as the name suggests, is an initiative that allows you to prepare a digital invitation. You can create a digital invitation within minutes.

You need to do: fill in information such as space, time, basic information, photo gallery, friendly reviews. space, time, basic information, photo gallery, friendly comments… fill to fields and your digital invitation is ready.

Demo digital invitation :

Turkish version : Medium URL



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