React vs Vue: In My Opinion.

Berat Bozkurt
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3 min readMay 21, 2020

I’ve been trying to produce new projects with a lot of technologies in the front-end world for I currently continue my career as a freelancer. When I got a project, I aim to develop the project by choosing which technology is more reasonable to use. So I have to know about technologies and produce projects for practice.

I normally develop projects with React and I’m actually very satisfied. I made a simple project with Vue when I hade some time. In this way, it was more than enough to understand the logic of Vue. I was wanting to write an article like this. So when I started learning React, I rewrote the application I wrote with React. It was going to easy to compare this way.

You can reach the repository and demo link below before start.


Github Repository:


Github Repository:

I would like to write in the form of titles but I don’t know much about term expressions. That’s why I’m writing as a ingredients.

  • I was easily develop the project with Vue for I was know React. It had a process so long for I started new everything when I started learning React. If you want to learn both React and Vue, I recommend starting with Vue. The Vue document is very successful at the beginning stage.
  • I say React as the coding style. I don’t like to writing standard of Vue. It doesn’t work to write if, for in HTML for me.
  • If you ask me that Redux or Vuex, no doubt I say Vuex. It’s really easy to deal with states in Vuex and You get immediate results. I guess I was spend 1–2 days to learn Redux.
  • I can’t a choice for the Router. Both of them are basic and useful to me. So I passed this step.
  • You use <style><script><style> to build code structure in Vue. I don’t like to use situations (v-if, <template>)that are just an option. I want be free when I write code. So Angular and Vue are the same, React is in a different place for me.
  • I use Hooks on React. So It works Hooks for me. As far as I know, there are 5 or 6 lifecycles that are most used in Vue and it’s really easy and understandable to use them but if I have to make a choice I would vote on React’s side. — I don’t know if there’s anything like Hooks in Vue —
  • Vue devtool is better than React devtool. The designed the Vue devtool so nice that it’s very easy to use.

If you ask me which one to recommend, the only thing I will say to you. “Learn any of them and just get start”. It will be really easy to write the other once you start learning any of them. Then whichever makes more sense to you, you already use it. Choose both try side!

There can be absolutely distinctive points but I just wanted to pass superficially. If I’m going to do a weekend project, I would definitely choose Vue. But I’m not surprised to use React in other projects.

I want to advertise before I finish the article :)

I would be glad if you could help me see everyone.

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