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The Problems I Had While I Realized My Dreams

I had a project in mind 2 or 3 years ago. I did this project before 6 months because I didn’t have enough information. I did research about the project. I obtained a bit of information as a result of the research. But something was missing for publishing to project.

The code remained after designing the project but I couldn’t do somethings for I haven’t such experience and knowledge. I made a deal with a friend around me but I didn’t get any information from him. He lets me down. There was nothing to do and I continued to work.

I learned python for over eight months. Well, Why python? Because it is both forward and future oriented language. When Later I learned that Python is usually used for web, I had a smile on my face. I developed back-end with using python. When I finished learning python, I made my own project as the first project. It was very easy to write first but I had to to a lot of research because everything was getting harder. And I finally made it.

In Short, head of everything has patience and good wishes. Just ask to do. It’s finally happening. Don’t lose hope because you will do it somehow.

(Turkish tweet)

It’s English :

I haven’t something my hand
But The God created from nothing



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