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Cryptocurrency market is showing steady growth throughout the years of its existence. Governments of major countries and large organizations are not left behind and are implementing crypto technology in a variety of fields of activity, from medicine to legal institutions. However, the community of private cryptocurrency users (ordinary users, developers, speculators, miners) is still leading the way. Our solution is aimed primarily at this group of private users. BergmannOS performs around the clock control of user devices, informs about failures and automates all possible processes.

At the moment, there are several methods for consensus, used to confirm blockchain transactions. Proof-of-Work algorithm is currently the most popular, and it is used when working with cryptocurrencies with high capitalization: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zsash etc. The operation of PoW-systems directly depends on the amount of power conducting calculations of the transaction blocks.

The greater the capacity of the network, the safer it is to conduct transactions within the chain. The best way to increase the power of decentralized distributed network is to introduce new members and their equipment into it. To attract them, the networks pay a fee to everyone involved in this process. Of course, the provision of personal computing resources to the needs of the community in exchange for this fee has attracted a lot of players of vastly different levels.

Scalable power has given rise to the need of seeking solutions to the problems that arose with the calculations. To date PoW-currencies can be divided into two groups:

  1. Currencies, based on algorithms, which have specialized calculators (ASIC)
  2. Currencies with the calculations performed using standard general purpose hardware (CPU, GPU)

The first group of currencies has devoted software tools for monitoring and management, developed together with the hardware as a complete solution. However, this league nowadays has a very high barrier to entry because of the increasingly larger sums required for initial investment. The new generation of currencies, such as Etherium, Monero, Zcash, which are currently affordable for mining, are using algorithms, which do not allow the creation of specialized calculators.

Mining farms operators for the second cryptocurrency group need to constantly monitor the stability of the equipment operation and eliminate malfunctions in a timely manner as the amount of fee depend on the duration of activity and the processing power of devices belonging to the miner.

However, the number of participants grew dramatically, payments for the block did not grow with the power of the network and the regular profits of the participants began to decline rapidly. As a result miners started to increase the number of personal computing devices. The time which had to be spent on setup and monitoring transformed the management into a full-time hard work. Labor-saving software system for farm operators were created by the same enthusiasts that started mining, so they weren’t professional and had a lot of shortcomings. Experienced commercial teams lack necessary experience in blockchain technology and mining to create a monitoring system specially for miners. But sooner or later, in the industry of blockchain mining there had to appear one efficient solution.

A comparison with previous generation tools
BergmannOS — Linux-based mining operating system created by a group of professionals with extensive experience in software design and cryptocurrency mining. The software is currently ready for normal use for all the basic functionality. Simplification of control, saving time and resources, increase of efficiency of devices and stabilization of miner payments — these are the main objectives that have guided the Bergmann team to create BergmannOS.

Join BergmannOS ICO in December 2017 and assure yourself of stability and efficiency of a beta version of the software complex BergmannOS:

You’ll become not only a user of BergmannOS, but you’ll join the ecosystem that will be developing right before your eyes. Bergmann crypto platform will unite the different tools of the crypto industry and will optimize your job in this sphere.

You can find all information about our bounty program on our website, in the next post on Medium and in the special forum thread on BitcoinTalk. Become the member of the Bergmann ecosystem today.

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