BCDiploma: The Seamless Degree Verification System


Remember the days when people wanted to frame their Harvard and Oxford degrees, only to display them on their wall of accolades?

Those days might be gone soon, especially when BCDiploma, an elegant web-app that allows educational institutions to dematerialize their degrees, transcripts, and certificates, transforms this market.

Meet Alexis Berolatti, co-founder and COO at BCDiploma, who, with his two friends, found an interesting problem to solve in early 2017. When Alexis and his friends observed the absence of a sustainable, simple method that allowed schools and colleges to certify their degrees securely, they decided to build one themselves. Vincent, BCDiploma’s CTO, pitched the use of blockchain to the other two, and BCDiploma was conceived.

Since then, BCDiploma has been using new technology to solve old problems.

Consider the tremendous hassle that schools have to go through to first maintain reams of paper, then get thousands of degrees signed, and then maintain a verified list of students who actually graduated. Then, consider the wasted productivity when employers have to make phone calls to schools and colleges to actually verify that their employees are not siblings of Mike Ross. (Mike Ross is a fictional character from the TV show Suits who never went to Harvard Law, yet landed a job at Pearson Hardman, a law firm that only hires Harvard graduates.)

BCDiploma fixes these problems with its innovative paperless blockchain certification system, that allows students to use a one-click step to prove that they actually went to a specific school.

The certified attestation can be configured in as many languages as required, and it contains all the authenticity’s proofs based on blockchain technology. The company also helps schools to save significant resources and money as it frees up the administration’s time from boring, validating work, and from answering to recruiter’s requests, so that they can dedicate time to more meaningful tasks.

Having existed for less than a year, BCDiploma have made long strides: They have raised more than 2 million dollars, have gained immense traction with over 50 educational institutions and countless corporate verticals already using their technology, and are now looking to even expand in French-speaking countries. (BCDiploma’s founders are French themselves.)

However, given that they are part of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, they also hope to leverage the Xcelerator’s unique position to meet investors in the Bay Area, thereby having another round of fundraising to help accelerate business development worldwide. Speaking about his time at the Xcelerator so far, Alexis says, “The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is a fantastic opportunity for a French startup as BCdiploma to join a top-level blockchain ecosystem, to get sharp feedback from UC Berkeley’s mentors and advisors regarding our product and our strategy, and finally, to move forward to market adoption and growth, especially in the US market!”

As BCDiploma continues to ensure that Mike Ross-like conmen do not drain the time, energy, and resources of educational institutions and employers, it seems inevitable that soon, the days of hanging your Harvard degree will be gone. Better would be to pay for that Coursera validated certificate instead, and even better would be to use BCDiploma, if you’d still like to “hang your degree.” (Make sure it’s a real one.)

To learn more about BCDiploma and how they are transforming the world of digital attestation, please feel free to contact Alexis at alexis.berolatti@bcdiploma.com, who can provide a demo and would be happy to introduce key features of the solution.

Visit BCDiploma’s website, here, for more details.



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