Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator: 2022 Kickoff Week and Ecosystem Updates

A view of the San Francisco Bay, with UC Berkeley’s Campanile Belltower in the foreground

2022 Kickoff Week in SF and Berkeley

Rich Lyons, Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer and former Dean of the Haas School of Business, welcomes the new cohort at UC Berkeley’s Faculty Club
Serban Simu (President & Founder) and Michelle Munson (CEO & Founder) of speak to the cohort at UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Lowell Ness, Sarah Shtylman, and Joseph P. Cutler take questions from the cohort at Perkins Coie HQ

Ecosystem Updates

Avatree drops NFTs, features at Verse Gallery

Oak Network launches Turing Network, partners with Web3Go

  • Launched the Turing Network, a Kusama parachain, with TGE and block production. (Post)
  • Partnered with with Web3Go, an open data analytics platform. (Post)
  • Collaborate with Darwinia to establish secure and effective bridging-solutions which will be critical in developing true interoperability for the ecosystem. (Post)
  • Last but not least — OAK is gearing up to make waves at Consensus 2022 in Austin, TX from June 9–12th! Be sure to stop by their booth and say hi to the team if you’re also attending, or email to inquire about partnership meeting opportunities.

ViteX launches VIVA token

  • A Vuilder created the first version of a web extension wallet, providing an alternative login option for the ViteX web app.
  • A Vuilder created ViteBridge explorer, a tool to help see cross-chain transactions. This will be useful for cross-chain trading on ViteX!

Bitgreen goes to amsterDOT

Moon launches Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay support

Overnight kicks off weekly Stablecoin analysis series



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Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

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