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This is a work-in-progress list of all articles that the Blockchain and entrepreneurship community regularly posts.

All in one place, for your convenience.

From The Berkeley Community

  1. It takes a (Blockchain) village! | Spring Reflections, Fall Futures, and Student Project Highlights. June 2019. (here)
  2. Introduction to Cryptography Part 1: The Beauty of Adversarial Design. July 2019. (here)
  3. Is true decentralization possible without true randomness? (Part2). July 2019. (here)
  4. What Libra Brings to the table. June 2019. (here)
  5. Five tips for Product Management in a decentralized world. (here)
  6. Blinded By The Hype: What people are missing about Libra. (here)
  7. Better Blockchain Governance: A Conversation with David Schwartz (here)

From The Xcelerator

  1. Fireside Chat with Kira Noodleman, VC, Bee Partners. July 2019. (here)
  2. Bitmark: Define, Defend, and Divide Digital Property. August 2019. (here)
  3. SWFT Pay: Crypto’s Fast and Furious (here)

From The X Contributors

  1. Justine Humenansky (here)

From Our Partners

  1. Privacy is critical to mass adoption of Open Finance. Sep 2019.(here)



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