Classroom work with community impact through Social Sector Solutions

NCCLF team: Jeongwon, Navneet, Sherry Simmons (seated) Pablo, and Shaun (not pictured, Joe)

I applied to be a part of the spring 2013 Social Sector Solutions (S3) class, in partnership with McKinsey & Company. I had the honor of working with a team of 4 MBA’s on a nonprofit consulting project with the Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF), a phenomenal organization creating stronger communities in Northern California, one nonprofit at a time. The objective of our project was to help NCCLF develop a strategy to attract new individual investors.

In 15 short weeks we conducted 23 informational interviews with investors, NCCLF employees, and financial advisors; in addition, we sent out a survey to 800 potential investors in Northern California. Beyond this, we also collectively spent countless hours performing market research and compiling reports. While this project took a significant amount of time, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Berkeley-Haas.

Not many classes have perfected the art of “experiential learning,” so when I had the opportunity to learn about consulting in a classroom setting and then apply these skills to a real-world project, I was both excited and intimidated. Not only did the reports I was compiling have an impact on my grade, but more importantly they would help our client move one step closer to achieving their mission.

Overall, being a part of the S3 class gave me more than just consulting experience, it has also enabled me to build relationships with individuals throughout the Bay Area who are interested in social impact. I would highly recommend this program to both students and nonprofits; to learn more about this class, visit:

-Navneet Singh

Berkeley-Haas Undergraduate, Class of 2014

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