DMEC Students Make a Trek to Wikimedia Foundation

Berkeley Haas’ Digital Media and Entertainment Club had the opportunity to make a trek down to the Wikimedia Foundation’s headquarters in San Francisco on Friday, March 8th to tour the headquarters and meet with several members of their management team. The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote the development and distribution of free educational content around the world through their various wiki-based projects.

The DMEC group was hosted by Philippe Beaudette, Wikimedia’s Director of Community Advocacy, who elaborated on Wikimedia’s

DMEC students at the Wikimedia Foundation's HQ
DMEC students at Wikimedia’s HQ

extensive communities — nearly 800! The student group met with Brandon Harris, the senior designer and Steven Wallin, an associate product manager for Editor Engagement Experiments. Brandon spoke to the group about the future of Wikimedia and new initiatives like Wikidata while Steven highlighted efforts made by Wikimedia to create a more “sticky” editor experience to retain and quickly acclimate new editors.

If you are passionate about digital media and entertainment and want to get involved, then keep a watch out for other such events hosted by DMEC.