S3 Team Working with The Hispanic Foundation for Silicon Valley

Melissa Rawlins, Armando Munoz, Vibhu Singh, Estefania Hernandez, and Alma Rico are part of a Social Sector Solutions (S3) team for the Spring 2013 semester. The team, led by Alma, is working with the Hispanic Foundation for Silicon Valley to support the organization in developing their new three year strategic plan. Coming in to the class, the team members hoped to evolve their management consulting skill set for a social issue that was important to them. Many of the skills these students learned in the MBA curriculum were transferable to the nonprofit scenario while others had to be slightly adapted.

“A number of skills we learned [as MBAs], related to organizational structure, operational effectiveness, and fundraising were directly applicable. Some other skills such as performance appraisal, negotiations and impact assessment had to be applied in a slightly different way to fit the non-profit environment.” — Vibhu Singh (MBA 2014)

Alma shares with us her experience as a team lead — “While challenging, this experience has allowed me to build my leadership style and refine my project management skills as I’ve learned from my team, as well as our professors and McKinsey coach.”

S3 Team - Estefania, Alma, and Melissa
S3 Team — Estefania, Alma, and Melissa
S3 Team leading a discussion with Hispanic Foundation's staff and board
S3 Team leading a discussion with Hispanic Foundation’s staff and board
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