Social Impact Career Mentoring for Current Haas MBA

Ben Hamlin, a current Haas MBA, attended a a social impact career mentoring session on February 22nd with Wes Selke, a Haas alum. Wes, who graduated as a Haas MBA in 2007, is the Founding Director of Hub Ventures, a start-up accelerator for entrepreneurs leveraging the power of technology to build a better world, and has much experience in the social sector.

Ben Hamlin - Haas MBA
Ben Hamlin Haas MBA
“Wes was the perfect person to speak to given his career to date and involvement with Haas. His extensive experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors enables Wes to provide balanced advice to change seekers. Moreover, Wes is an active Haas alum and knows how Haas can help students achieve their goals.” — Ben Hamlin

Wes shared how he had bridged the gap between his career in finance and the social sector as Ben works to make that transition. He was the ideal person to speak to about how to leverage all of Haas’ resources and was able to help Ben in his process of deliberating for potential summer positions by sharing what his own thought process had been.

“As a mentor, Wes really showed that your career path is long; the the position you get before or after business school does not define your career. There are a lot of ways to approach social impact in one’s career.”

Career mentoring is a program facilitated by the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership for students who are interested in social impact careers.