The 2017 BIE cohort at BriteLab Inc.

BriteLab Inc.: Bringing Ideas to Market

The BIE cohort, listening to Robert’s talk

On June 5th, the BIE cohort for 2017 had our first site visit to Britelab Inc. in San Jose, CA. After arriving to the site, the team met Robert De Neve, the BriteLab president and CEO. We started the day with a talk from Robert directly where we heard about the companies history and business strategies. BriteLab was founded by veterans of the hard drive manufacturing industry in order to connect inventors with experiences product development professionals in order to bring their ideas to market.

Prototyping and production facilities at BriteLab include the type A 3D printer, produced in house.

BriteLab is focused on guiding new companies through the entire hardware prototyping and production process. Their team assists these companies with everything from early idea development and prototyping to supply chain management.This six step process involves discovery, concept development, prototyping, design for manufacturing, production, and product support. Their products have spanned from high tech manufacturing supplies to consumer goods- with a focus of filling the gap between these spaces created by the internet of things.

Robert explaining the Business Combatives course

BriteLab is looking to expand while keeping the balance and company culture that Robert credits with their success- so employees are invited to enroll in the “Business Combatives” training course. This course seeks to combine martial arts training, Silicon Valley entrepreneurship mentality, and Ivy League MBA level business skills.

BriteLab’s impact is becoming increasingly visible- they have collaborated to help produce the Onewheel, Type A 3D printer, Accuray cyber knife, and Rainin pipettes. After the conclusion of our tour we were given the opportunity to see the fruits of their labors and give the Onewheel a spin around the facility.

A demonstration of the Onewheel, a product produced at the San Jose facility.
Proteges and fellows took turns riding on the Onewheel.