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It’s a Wrap

After six weeks, we have finally come to the last. This was definitely an amazing learning journey with many unexpected takeaways. Having the unique opportunity to work with our counterparts across the world in Kampala, learning about the bioengineering sphere in a low-resource context, interviewing the best people in the sterilization and non-profit sectors, to learning the lean launchpad model from the school of Haas — we are closing the Summer of 2021 with new skills, a new mindset, and lots of inspiration.

Our Final Presentation

We are thankful that Rhonda and Megan from Engineering World Health took out time to come to our presentations! On top of that, Tatiana and Jovanny original SurgeCare team members whom we have interviewed also came to see what we have done with their concept.

A Final Thank You

There is so much to be thankful for!

  • Firstly, to Professor Herr for giving us this amazing opportunity
  • NIH for providing the grant for this to happen
  • Catherine for coordinating everything and helping make this run smoothly
  • Rhonda Schrader for providing the Lean Launchpad Skillsets straight from Haas
  • The people who have given us their valuable time in the interviews to help us better understand the needs we are attempting to meet
  • Engineering World Health for providing this unique opportunity and platform, especially Megan and Mercy whom have assisted us through this journey
  • Our friends and counterparts in Makerere University
  • Everyone we haven’t mentioned but ought to be thankful for
  • You! For following our journey here on Medium

Hey, we are not done ~

Blue Team has agreed to come together again later and potentially come up with a paper we can publish. Excited for Part 2 of this journey. Until then, ciao!




Summer Biodesign Immersion Experience at UC Berkeley Bioengineering

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Kim Hwang Yeo

Kim Hwang Yeo

Berkeley Bioengineer (B.S.) ’22 | BioDesign Immersion Program, Engineering World Health Summer Exchange (2021) |

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