Scandic Springs

On June 16, the BIE fellows and proteges traveled to Scandic Springs in San Leandro, California to learn about the process of designing and producing device components. Scandic is the largest spring and stamping company in Northern California. Their staff works with part designers through the whole production process, and assists with everything from material selection and prototyping to the final production for cold worked products.

Matt Chen examining a spring winding machine

Touring Scandic allowed the BIE team to see the whole parts production process. The BIE team got to see the spring winders, foursliders, stamping presses, and deburring machines in use. The team also learned about the efforts that Scandic has made to be environmentally friendly. Currently, all scrap metal goes through a recycling program and approximately 85% percent of the energy that Scandic uses is solar generated. BIE would like to thank Scandic Springs Inc. for the the tour and for sharing their valuable experience from the parts manufacturers perspective.

The BIE team at Scandic
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