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Sharing hands-on experience of what I’ve learned as a UX Researcher

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While having gotten into the UX field since 2017, I have been working as an in-house UX Researcher for almost a whole year. I have been always asked about things such as how I like the job and what fun or problems I had by my fellows who are looking for opportunities to get into the UX Research community. I’ve been keeping those questions in mind and looking for a chance to tell my stories.

Based on more than ten different user research projects that I’ve conducted for the industry, I decided to start a series of posts for sharing hands-on experience of what I’ve learned as a UX Researcher. In the meantime, I look forward to having discussions about topics which are brought up in the posts.

With regard to the topics, I will choose them in sequence from a user research process:

  • Collecting research requests
  • Kicking off a UXR project
  • Conducting studies and collecting data
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Delivering and communicating research findings
  • Wrapping up a UXR project

While I completed updating all post for this series, I am brewing more UXR related posts. Stay tuned :)




Voices from the UC Berkeley School of Information

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