Meet the Execs!

We just celebrated President’s Day, now meet the rest of the Exec team!

The Exec Team at the WE16 Conference in Philadelphia! (from left: Annie, Waverly, Tanisha, Elizabeth, Joy, and Angela)

UC Berkeley SWE is led by 6 executive officers:

President: Elizabeth Chu, 4th year Energy Engineering.
Vice President: Joy Gu, 3rd year Engineering Mathematics and Statistics
Vice President of Corporate Relations: Waverly Runion, 3rd year Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Vice President of Outreach: Angela Lin, 4th year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Secretary: Annie Pan, 3rd year Chemical Engineering
Treasurer: Tanisha Randhawa, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering

We did a special President’s Day post about Elizabeth, and you can learn all about her role in SWE in our last blog post! Let’s learn more about all these SWEet people!

What motivated you to join Berkeley SWE?

Tanisha: The supportive, like-minded community and professional development opportunities!
Annie: I was motivated to join SWE because of the lack of girls in my classes and for the chance to meet other female engineers in other engineering disciplines.
Waverly: I chose to come to Berkeley because of my experience during the overnight host program as a senior in high school. I decided that an organization that could help me make such a big decision with conviction was one I wanted to be a part of.
Angela: I attended UC Berkeley SWE’s Overnight Host Program during my senior year of high school! At the time, I was afraid of what I had heard about the competitive environment at Berkeley and was hesitant about coming here. However, after having a great time at OHP and meeting kind members of the SWE community, I was excited about attending UC Berkeley! I joined SWE because I wanted to find a community and support network.
Joy: My first encounter with SWE members was at the incoming student ice cream social. I remember speaking with many of the officers, and joined the outreach committee because the VP of Outreach was so inspiring! I also wanted to gain mentorship and advice from a diverse group of students, and the SWE members I met that day were doing incredible things on and off campus — I knew I had to get involved to learn more!
Incoming Student Social Fall 2014

Describe your position and how it impacts SWE.

Annie, Tanisha, and SWE member Laura!
Tanisha: As the Treasurer, I manage SWE’s finances by applying for funding, processing reimbursements, and maintaining a budget. This ensures that we can support all of the social, outreach, and corporate events we put on for the Cal engineering community!
Annie: As Secretary, I ensure the logistics are set for our many events: room booking/negotiating and insurance. I also lead and advise our publicity team: PR and Historian to make sure our events are well advertised ahead of time and that our page is flooded with our pictures :)
Waverly: I am the Vice President of Corporate Relations. I oversee all of our corporate and post-graduation-related events such as Shadow and Engineer, Evening with Industry, Professional Development Month, Startup Expo, Career Options, and all of our Infosessions.
SWE Science Saturdays!
Angela: I help SWE officers that plan K-12 engineering outreach events and lead the outreach committee. One of my goals in this position is to make engineering fun and accessible for girls and students from underrepresented and socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. At our events, we share our passion for engineering through fun, hands-on activities with young students!
Joy: As Vice President, I plan all the monthly general meetings for SWE. I compile our current announcements and opportunities, coordinate guest speakers/topics, and ensure that everyone is well fed at the meetings ;) It’s a great way for the community to come together, and I really enjoy the positive atmosphere! Additionally, I plan the fall and spring officer retreats, and support the membership, SWEster, and community engagement officers with their events.

Share your previous experiences as a member or officer in SWE before becoming an executive officer.

Tanisha: I started volunteering at many outreach events my freshman year and was an apprentice for Mini-University. Then, I got more involved in Corporate when I joined the Professional Development Week Committee. I became a Co-Chair for PDW the Fall semester of sophomore year and then was Co-Chair for Start-Up Expo during the Spring. After that, I became Treasurer junior year!
Annie: Two years ago now, I applied for 3 roles in SWE but was not selected for any of them but the historian role was open and looking for an officer so I jumped right on board with it, interviewed, got the position, got a camera and did the best I could to conquer the learning curve in photography, and made it a goal of mine to document all the events, create a scrapbook, and supplied slide decks my year as historian. As an officer, I can have my own committee and I made sure to select everyone interested as I know the other committees may be more selective. Anyone can be a photographer. I really emphasized member growth and meeting other SWE members within my committee and let them know I will be there for them to answer any questions about any other committee or officer functions.
Waverly: Before I was VP Corporate, I was the program designer for Evening with Industry, the Graphic Designer for the Overnight Host Program, and the Coordinator for Evening with Industry and Startup Expo.
OHP 2016
Joy: I joined SWE my first semester freshman year as a member of the outreach and website committee! I chaired several SWE sciences, helped with design of the SWE job board, and then became the Elementary Outreach Chair in the fall of my sophomore year. In the spring, I was the Overnight Host Program Chair, which was an amazing experience. I definitely learned a lot about event planning and teamwork, and am so happy to see many familiar faces of those who attended OHP last year!

What is your favorite memory from SWE?

Tanisha: My favorite SWE memory is leading an activity during Engineering 4 Kids and seeing both kids and parents create incredible cars made out of CDs!
Annie: I got to meet my roommate and current VP Corporate of SWE, Waverly, through SWE! Waverly and I almost ‘grew up’ together in SWE. We were both general members or committee members our freshman year, officers our sophomore year and now execs our junior year. Every year presented new challenges and working our way up together really helped.
Waverly: My favorite memory of SWE is the very first general meeting I attended — seeing girls from overnight host program, and feeling as if I already had a family at Berkeley, even though such a short time had passed.
High School Outreach!
Angela: I can’t decide! One of my favorite memories is leading a group at the Overnight Host Program in dancing to Just Dance videos on YouTube in Wozniak Lounge! It was silly and we were really sweaty afterwards, but SWE members and new admits were excited and hapy to be together. Another one of my favorite SWE memories is working on our new High School Engineering Program! The goal of the program is to introduce young women to engineering and computer science through Arduino projects and hands-on activities about other engineering disciplines and inspire them to pursue engineering in the future. I have the opportunity to guide them through frustrating moments, vicariously experience their amazement when something finally works, and celebrate their triumph as they learn something that is challenging but important. I love working with the high school students and the team of dedicated SWE members!
Joy: My favorite memory from SWE was going to my first National Conference, WE15! I found out that one of my best friends from elementary and middle school was also involved in SWE at her university, so we met up in Nashville, Tennessee for the first time in a few years!

What other extracurriculars/campus communities are you involved in?

Tanisha and former SWE President, Jessica!
Tanisha: I am currently the President of Engineers Without Borders — UC Berkeley Student Chapter as well as a fellow in the Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations.
Annie: I also hold offices in the Engineering Student Council and Tau Beta Pi and go to some AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) meetings. This past weekend, I volunteered at the Golden Gate Science Olympiad-I didn’t think I’d see another year of “Scioly” but Stanford and Berkeley made it happen this year! I look forward to helping out at more :)
Waverly: I am involved in primarily SWE and Phi Sigma Rho, the engineering sorority on campus.
Angela: I am involved in UC Women’s Chorale and the swing dancing community! I did show choir in high school and I wanted to keep up my love for singing and dancing!
Angela and the UC Women’s Chorale!
Joy: I have been a campus ambassador at Visitor and Parent Services since my freshman year, so sometimes you’ll find me giving tours of campus! Additionally I am a Lab TA for the class EE16A and Engineering Math/Stats representative in the Society of Engineering Sciences.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know the executive officers in SWE! Look forward for more content in the next few weeks, and visit or our Facebook page if you would like to be more involved!

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