Kickstarter Germany

It’s now easier for Germans to support projects on Kickstarter

If you are someone who wants to help support great local projects, but you don’t have time to join the Awesome Foundation, Kickstarter has just made it’s biggest international expansion yet by opening up for Germany this week. This is the first time that Kickstarter is available in a language other than English, though the projects also all have English versions. The site has also adjusted to local e-commerce habits by allowing Germans pledging €250 or less to pay with a direct debit from a bank account rather than a credit card.

Before opening up in Germany, Kickstarter spent a long time finding and grooming great projects so that they could launch with some critical mass. The first project that I backed from Germany is Empathy Shoes, who makes beautiful comfy shoes with customized designs laser-etched onto the soles like tattoos. I’m already working on my drawings for the future shoes I will have if the project is successfully funded.

There is really something for everyone in the collection of German ideas. 3D food printing, smart home interfaces, DIY gin production kits, a font based on Albert Einstein’s handwriting, and a sustainable induction-based kettle alternative, just to name some of my favorites.

Happy crowdfunding, Germany!

If you haven’t done it already, be sure to like the Berlin Awesome Foundation on Facebook.

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