5 TIPS to convert your Google slide into PROTOTYPING tool

Prototype is not only for designers, anybody with an idea should be able to prototype quickly & validate it.

Fake it till you make it

1. Set Slide size

Get your device dimension of your device you would like to prototype from screensiz.es & Pixel conversion tool to get right dimension.

Google slide set size

2. Links slides

Prototyping is mainly connecting different screens. See how you can connect any 2 slides screens.

Google slide linking

3. Animation/Transition of Objects

Google slide has transition option to achieve animation effect on the object.

Google slide transition

4. Shapes/Icons

Google slide provides shapes, using them you can create icons. or download icons from flaticons or Nounproject.

Google slide shapes

5. Prototyping with collaboration

Google slide provides option to share and collaborate. So, it’s easy to share with your friends & colleagues to get feedback about your prototype.

Google slide share option

Ok,Now it’s your turn to get your hands dirty, prototype your idea now on Google slide.

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