How to Prototype with Sketch Libraries and Launchpad

If you are not familiar what is Sketch Libraries read this great article by Jon Moore.

What are Sketch Libraries?

Sketch Library is a Sketch document, who’s symbols/components can be used on any Sketch file.

Step 1

Search for Sketch file on the Sketch app sources. It has a huge collection of popular apps, icons & templates as sketch file & few are available for free download. Search based on what format or UI patterns you want to prototype. For example: If your prototype has a feed then you can search for musics apps, social media apps or news apps.


Add downloaded Sketch from step 1 as a library into Sketch.

How to add Sketch file as library?
1. Open Sketch Preferences (keyboard shortcut Cmd+,), select Libraries tab.
2. click on add library & choose sketch file you want to add.

Step 3

Download Launchpad Sketch plugin and Install.

Step 4

Add new Artboard & select, then click on change Artboard size by device type button (Orange highlight below).

Step 5

Use the Symbols from newly added Sketch library from step 2.

Step 6

Similarly add next screen for the prototype by following Step 4 & step 5.


Connect to 2nd screen using launchpad link feature.

Step 8

Click on Preview website in the Browser button(orange highlight below).


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