Finding the amazing Robinson Crusoe playground at Lake Tegel in Berlin.

Jannes Peters
Apr 8, 2018 · 3 min read

It’s the beginning of April, and the first warm weekend this year. Spring started late for us in Berlin. But even more important to get out and soak in as much sun as possible.

We want to go to Tegel for a while now. 6 years in Berlin and we only ever made it as far as Flughafensee (which is also worth a visit!) But this weekend we finally made it to proper Tegel, and it’s really beautiful. Definitely worth a day trip with the kids.

But today we took U6 directly to Alt-Tegel station. From here it’s a nice 10 minute walk through Tegels city center with many cafes and shops past an old church — to reach Greenwhich Promenade and Tegel’s harbor. Coming from Berlin city, it really feels like you are on a little vacation.

2 large ducks & Jari @ Tegel Harbor / Greenwhich Promenade

You can also take one of the tourist boats from here. but what we like even better are the little pedal boats to the right.

pedal boats for rent

To the left there is a small playground, which was extremely crowded when we were there.

Small playground at Greenwhich Promenade

Later also the pedal boats were all booked out. So we started to head out over the beautiful bright red Sechserbrücke towards State Park Tegel.

Sechserbrücke crossing Humboldtinsel with some fancy houses.

If you walk along the water, there is a bunch of little beer-gardens that are great to enjoy some food or ice cream in the sun with a view over the lake. Restaurant Warsteiner Malche, Waldhütte am See or SeePavillon are all located directly at the lake.

Waldhütte am See

But we were first to head directly towards Playground Robinson Crusoe. It’s a huge playground, with lot’s of places to have a picnic, and even more place & nature for the kids to disappear in and play, lot’s of variety in play equipment as well.

Robinson Crusoe Playground

We got stuck at this playground for many hours, as it was just so perfect in the sunshine. So in the end we couldn’t actually visit all the other things we had planned. As for example to visit the largest tree in Berlin, or look at animals in one of the two animal farms in the Tegler Forst or to take of the to boats around the Havel.

Great reason to come back ;)

For more exciting tipps about playgrounds in Berlin, visit our project. My daughter and I explore all the playgrounds in Berlin — they are amazing!

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