36 frames for the world: Max’s analogue imaginary.

The last time I had used an analogue camera was when I was a child.
Load the film, set the ISO, pull the lever, set the exposure time and aperture.
When I recently started again, all this was somehow familiar, but still very strange. So it was all the more fun to learn and perform these operations again.

It’s amazing how quickly you can train your gaze by taking pictures.
Soon I didn’t walk around “blindly” anymore, but discovered motifs and scenes everywhere, wanting to capture them in a picture, even if it meant staying a little longer to catch the perfect moment. This achievement, however, I would not solely credit to analogue photography. It might be the same with digital photography. And since, with developing the films, I had only scans made, I soon asked myself: Why analogue at all? Digital would be cheaper in the long run and except for the photographing itself, I worked digitally with my photos.

It’s the following three points that make shooting analogue photographs
more desirable for me:

  • it is more of a craft and basic understanding of photography to me;
  • to photograph more consciously, because you can’t take test photos first, but every moment of release counts;
  • the deceleration of the process.

The latter is still the most important point for me.
Good things take time.

— — — — — — — — — — —

by Maximilian Martens

aka @theplainframe



Stories of Film photographers based in Berlin

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