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The Berlin Underground

One thing I LOVE to do when I’m out and about in Berlin is to take photos of the many U-Bahn stations (short for Untergrundbahn or “underground railway”), they’re so varied and colourful! Most run underground but some run above, too. This obsession started in my first week here and I caught the U8 from Alexanderplatz to Neukölln, I noticed how unique each station was and I made it my mission to try and capture them all.

There are 10 lines and 173 stations in the city in total, so I have a lot of ground to cover (approx. 146 kilometres to be exact). Luckily there’s so much to see and do here that I end up travelling A LOT and get to snap a station at each new destination. Though, pretty soon I’m going to have to start travelling each line, get out at each stop and take a pic before getting back on the train again and continuing to the end of the line… I hope I’m still motivated enough to do this once the ‘easy’ ones at my disposal run out, but I can imagine it will be a very long process.

I have some favourites already, including Alexanderplatz, Wedding and Fehrberlinner Platz though I find each one has its own charm. I don’t spend too long there, as some of the stations are a bit dodgy (especially those further out of the city, as there aren’t as many people about) but who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet some interesting characters along the way, too!

I’d definitely like to retake a lot of these photos, as I used my iPhone for all of them and being the perfectionist that I am, would like to remove the light reflection and make other edits to have better-quality photos. Though I know I won’t want to do this all over again!

Maybe I can be quick enough to stay on the same train, jump out, quickly shoot the signs then hop back on again? Let’s see, I know it’ll get pretty tedious having to wait around in-between each station. I’ll need to try out some different techniques.

So, these are the ones I’ve captured so far but I still have many to go! Have you tried doing the same thing? What are your favourite stations and do you have any tips for shooting them easily/quickly? Let me know, I’d be interested in finding out!