Ich bin ein Berliner

View from the Siegessäule (Victory Column)

I moved to Berlin in October 2016… six months here already and I’ve barely touched the surface. How do you get to know a city so big? I had no idea just HOW much there is to see and do. Each area is so different with it’s own unique character, every corner you turn there’s a street filled with a new bar or restaurant to try and whether by foot, bike or public transport you’re given a glimpse at the wonderfully eclectic mix of people living or visiting here.

So what is Berlinstants and why am I starting it? I love those spontaneous moments each day when I pick up my camera and see something interesting to shoot (and there’s an abundance of interesting things here), however I want to delve a bit deeper and talk to the people I see - share their stories, successes, tips and general musings on Berlin. It’s about sharing information and potential fun events. I want to combine my loves of writing and photography in a platform that might inspire and assist others. Most importantly though, I want YOU to see what’s happening around Berlin, because it’s a city worth getting to know better.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my adventures in this “poor but sexy” city and that it will inspire you to get to know the people & places around you. If you ever want to recommend me a hidden gem of a restaurant or want to be featured, you can drop me a mail at: natalieluntphotos@gmail.com