Bernin’ for You

If you want money out of politics, this is your chance
No Super Pacs, not corporate financed
His words match how he actually acts,
and he stands up to the fat cats like a bad ass!

Because Bernie doesn’t take that corporate money, 
because he’s honestly fixin to fix this rigged economy 
Other politicians blow special interest like corporate groupies
But Bernie blows em away, like a michael bay movie

Hillary’s a hawk, Bernie is Sherlock
Saw all the problems with invading Iraq
While Others flipped flopped, Bernie Sanders did not
Corruption rampant, and Bernie wants it stopped

He’s a white knight!
Who rides coach flights!
Never thought this day would ever come true (Why is that, dude?) 
Cause today I’m voting for left wing Jew (NOT bernin for trump or ted cruz)
I’m Bernin for Bernie who’s Bernin for you

Bernie’s speaks for people, Hill speaks for corporate funding
Bernie preaches peace, while Hillary’s past is bloody
Bernie pays his interns, Hillary pays hers nothing
which is interesting considering she has so much more money…

The DNC is run by hillary’s friend debbie
seems she scheduled less debates so Bernie wouldn’t be seen
but it isn’t working, so she can suck a D-n-see
Bernie’s spreading faster than a frikin dank meme

he’s a white knight
For civil rights!!
don’t dare vote for another corporate stooge 
Donald Scrooge has got to many screw loose 
I’m Bernin for Bernie who’s Bernin for you

Are you afraid of what our countries turnin into?
Hard work ain’t payin what it used to 
There’s too much wealth in the hands of few
Trump doesn’t have a frikin blue’s clue

Hillary Clinton has lots of experience
But so did Dick Cheney, and he is a piece of shit
Bernie wants to end all for-profit prisons
Now Hill says she does to, but she took money from them

Bernie wants Healthcare for every single Americans
and Hill did too til big insurance paid her millions
She has more drug money of all 2016 candidates 
But Bernie rejects it because he knows that it stinks

I’m Bernin for Bernie who’s bernin for you
A vote for TRUMP IS a vote for Ebenezer Scrooge
30 yrs experience of speaking the truth…
I’m buring for Bernie but how about you?