Hillary Clinton is Selling Doubt

Don’t Buy it.

When the evidence is against you, the only way you can win is to cast doubt on the legitimacy of your opponents. Big Tobacco convinced America to doubt smoking caused cancer; the fossil fuel industry convinced Americans to doubt climate change; and Hillary Clinton uses the same tactic today, convincing Americans to do nothing but doubt.

She wants you to doubt the content of her speeches to Walls Street.

She says they hold nothing to hide. But she hides them.

She wants you to doubt the corrupting effect of money in politics.

A Princeton study has proven what is already obvious to most. That the American government acts in the interest of the Economic Elite. Yet Hillary Clinton still claims special interest money does not effect one’s behavior.

She wants you to doubt Bernie Sanders’ electability.

Even though Bernie Sanders does significantly better than Hillary against Trump and all Republicans.

She wants you to doubt Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy.

Even though Bernie Sanders has repeatedly made the right foreign policy decisions. While Hillary’s decisions have led to the deaths of 6,700 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis. Creating unstable regions in both Iraq and Libya that has allowed ISIS to thrive.

She wants you to doubt our ability to quickly move to renewable energy.

As she accepts fossil fuel money and lobbies for the use of fracked gas, the worst fossil fuel for global warming.

She wants you to doubt Single-Payer Healthcare.

As “some better idea that will never ever come to pass” and can’t be paid for. Even though miraculously it HAS come to pass in nearly every other major country, as they spend significantly LESS per capita, and have HIGHER satisfaction with healthcare than we do in the US.

She wants you to doubt your ability to pass legislation.

Even though Bernie Sanders has passed more legislation than Hillary Clinton; passed so many amendments that Congress dubbed him “The Amendment King”; and successfully worked with Republicans, like John McCain to pass the most comprehensive Veteran’s Bill in many decades.

Ultimately, she wants you to doubt YOURSELF. Your own ability to make change.

While Bernie Sanders reminds us that the only way change ever takes place is when million of people stand up. And demand it.

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