Berry Data IFO — the Craziest IFO Ever

A recap of Berry Data IFO and a plan for future developments

What Happened During the IFO

February 16th was Berry Data IFO date, reached a new record of 18760.04% ($187,604,000)overflow, which became one of the craziest IFO ever.

The IFO plan to raise $1,000,000 USD for 2,000,000 BRY, which the $BRY price is $0.5. At 5:10 PM, Feb 16th, Berry Data $BRY IFO started on PancakeSwap (

1 minute after the IFO started, the raise reached 100%;

2 minutes after the IFO started, the raise reached 200%;

10 minutes after the IFO started, the raise reached 5,324%;

35 minutes after the IFO started, 72 times overflow 7,332%

60 minutes after the IFO started, the final raise overflow reached 18,760.04% ($187,600,400)

The greatest IFO on PancakeSwap so far.

What Happened After the IFO

Right after IFO, $BRY was listed on PancakeSwap immediately, the highest BRY price reached more than $16.5, which 17 times of initial price.


On the same day, BRY was listed on CoinMarketCao and CoinGecko. As of Feb 17, Berry Data entire market cap reached $98,400,000.00, rank #534 on CoinMarketCap; 10,905 token holders. Also, there is just a beginning.

What Will Happen After IFO


Berry Data has many plans for future development. First, we will definitely enable more ming pools, maximize the benefit for all $BRY holders, here is a BRY mining calendar on Feb 17th, in the future, Berry Data will update the mining calendar daily.

On Feb 22nd, a new mining program will start on TENET Farm, and on March 1st, the mining pool on Berry Data's official website will start.


Besides mining-related events, we will also focus on creating more partnerships with other projects in the BSC ecosystem, to better serve price feeds and on-chain data by polish Berry Data oracle products. By far, Berry Data has created partnerships with PancaksSwap, BakreySwap, Tenet Farm,, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap.

Berry Data will provide them on-chain price feeds, so they can get better and useful data to process and ultimately provide better services and products on the Binance Smart Chain. In addition to on-chain data providing, Berry Data keeps developing on another product — oracle price feeds. When it goes live, more Oracle mining will be enabled as well, stay tuned.


Right now, Berry Data is relatively a small team. In the next stage, we will expand the team and have more field experts join the team, alone to realize our slogan “Committed to becoming the most widely used oracle on BSC”.


Thanks, all Berry fans, we cannot come to this step without any of you; thanks for being with us at the beginning, and hopefully we can walk on this great journey together and become the most widely used oracle on BSC.

BRY to the Moon!

Sam Jia

Berry Data CMO

February 17th, 2021

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