Berry Data Weekly Report #5 (February 22nd — February 28th)

Stake $BRY + $BNB LP to earn $BRY on Berry Farm, enjoy 3x BRY rewards for the first 30 days.

I. Marketing

On Feb 24th, Berry Data Twitter followers surpassed 15k!

On Feb 24th, BRY was rated as the most worth of focus projects on BSC by Coin98 Analytics.

Last week, BRY was ranked top 9 of the TOP 30 Trading Coins on CoinGecko which rated by CoinGecko.

Berry Data announced that Berry Farm will officially launch on Mar 1st, which is the Berry Data official farm program. For the first phase of farming, 1 M $BRY tokens will be distributed through mining; for the first 30 days, all miners can enjoy the 3x BRY rewards.

Stake $BRY + $BNB LP to earn $BRY

Start Farming:

On the Feb 28th, Berry Data Giveaway event ended, 100 lucky winners will be rewarded 10 $BUSD each, here is the winner list.

Last week, $BRY token holders surpassed 18k, which happened within 14 days after IFO.

II. Community

Twitter: 16,556

Telegram Community: 15,803

Telegram Announcement Channel: 943

III. Technical Development

  • Berry Farm (Berry Data official farm) development
  • Berry Farm wallet implementation
  • Berry Farm optimization

· Berry Data Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· Berry Data Medium (For the latest articles)

· Berry Data Telegram Community

· Berry Data GitHub (For the full set of code)



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