Berry Data Weekly Report #54 (January 31st — February 6th)

Hello, February

I. Marketing Updates & Partnerships

On the 31st of January, there was an announcement concerning an integration.

Octa Farm Integrated with Berry Oracle. Through the partnership, Berry Data will support Octafarm with oracle services.

Octopus is an auto-compounding yield aggregator on BSC that seeks to streamline the yield farming lifecycle by automating the reinvestment process to maximize users’ returns.

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On the 6th of February, Berry Data was picked as one of the most secured assets on BSC.

GenX Analytics is a community of investors learning personal finance, crypto market data Insights, market activity, news, events and more.

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II. Community Data

Twitter: 111, 783

Telegram Community: 57,406

Telegram Announcement Channel: 1,614



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