Berry Data Weekly Report Week #69 (May 16th — May 22nd)

Berry Data partnered with iBee Finance

I. Marketing Updates & Partnerships

On the 16th of May, iBee Finance partnered with Berry Data.

iBee Finance became a strategic partner of Berry Data on this day, thereby integrating with Berry Oracle.

iBee Finance is a next-generation yield farming optimizer with an innovative vault system.

On the 16th of May, the Berry Data Yield Rader Pick was published.

The selected tokens to stake were CAKE-BUSD to earn BIFI. It had an APY of 31.52%. It took place on the Beefy Finance platform as users used to access it.

Users can keep tab on Berry Yield Radar on

On the 18th of May, a partnership was announced.

A strategic partnership agreement was announced betweenBerry Data and OasisDAO. The latter would be able to use the Berry Oracle through the partnership.

Oasis DAO is a decentralized VR MMORPG MetaFi empowered by UE4 Unreal Engine.

II. Community Data

Twitter: 111, 957

Telegram Community: 53, 519

Telegram Announcement Channel: 1,587



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