Berry Data Weekly Report Week #94 (November 21st — November 27th)

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3 min readNov 29, 2022


I. Marketing Updates & Partnerships

On November 21st, Berry Data launched an airdrop with OKX wallet.

The airdrop which is a NFT giveaway has a reward pool of 5,000 OKX Football Cup NFT Giveaway. The rules of the airdrop were posted on the Twitter handle of the projects.

Participate by clicking on this link:

On November 21st, Berry Data was listed on StrikeX.

Berry Data’s continued growth was witnessed on the 21st of November as it was listed on another crypto exchange.

StrikeBVI is a DeFi Crypto Wallet that makes investing in cryptocurrencies slick, secure, and simple.

Buy via this URL:

On November 22nd, Royal Flush adopted Berry Oracle.

Berry Data announced a partnership with Royal Flush. Through the partnership, Berry Data will provide Royal Flush with oracle services.

Royal Flush game is a Decentralized online game platform project that is committed to orderly integration of traditional online games and DeFi.

Read more about the partnership:

On the November 22nd, the Berry Data Yield Radar was published.

The selected tokens to stake were CAKE BNB LP to earn BIFI. It had an amazing APY of 21.09%

Users can keep tab on Berry Yield Radar and find high APY LP mining at

On November 23rd, Berry Data and AIDAMETA reached a strategic partnership agreement.

Berry Data and AIDAMETA reached a business collaboration where both parties will jointly promote their brands.

AIDAMETA is a Web3.0 space that aggregates NFT, Wallet and Metaverse lobby. Each AIDA is an independent Web3.0 website.AIDA can store the user’s nurturing data acquired in the AIDAMETA game, and at the same time can freely publish in the AIDA wallet.

Read more:

On November 23rd, an AMA with Royal Flush was announced.

The AMA took place in the Berry Data Telegram Community page. The AMA was well attended and it had a reward pool of $100 shared among the participants whose questions were picked.

On November 23rd, an AMA with AIDAMETA was announced.

Berry Data’s AMA with AIDAMETA was held on the 25th of November 2022. The AMA had a reward of $100 shared by the attendees whose questions were picked by the guest.

II. Community Data

Twitter: 108,456

Telegram Community: 55,500

Telegram Announcement Channel: 806



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