Berry Data Will List on Newdex On August 13th

On August 13th, Berry Data will list on Newdex at 3 PM, August 13th, SGT, BRY/BNB pair will be available.

Trade Link:

About Newdex

Newdex was launched on the EOS on August 8, 2018. It is the leading order-book decentralized Exchange for on-chain matching and settlement in the entire net. Newdex has reached cooperation with more than 20 digital coin wallets (TokenPocket, imToken, Bitpie etc.) to perfectly present the decentralized transaction experience “matching via smart contract and receiving assets while transaction completed”. On January 19, 2021, Newdex has completed the new upgrade, from an order-book decentralized Exchange to an aggregate decentralized Exchange, and has successfully aggregated the depth of Newdex’s limit orders and the depth of liquidity pools of the major Swaps on the EOS (Defibox, Defis Network, etc.), allowing EOS users to obtain the best depth and best price trading experience, which has become the first trading entry in the EOS ecosystem.

Newdex is committed to taking advantage of the composability of DeFi to aggregate the depth of DEX in multiple chains, develop the aggregated DEX with “best depth, best price and best experience”, provide users with good decentralized trading experience, and become multi-chain DEX trading entry.

Newdex (BSC) project features

Aggregate coin info to improve decision-making efficiency
Newdex aggregates coin info on the entire net and establishes the most comprehensive coin info database. Users can find coins based on information such as coin symbol, project name, contract address and affiliated sector, further improving user decision-making efficiency and reducing decision-making costs.
Aggregate Swap depth to increase trading depth
Newdex aggregates the depth of the liquidity pool of multiple Swaps to provide users with trading experience with best depth and best price. At the same time, Newdex displays the comparison of multiple Swap market data to make transaction info more transparent.
Advanced K-line, comparable to centralized Exchanges
Newdex provides advanced K-line to meet the requirements of various types of investors. The main features of K-line chart: each chart contains 25 indicators, 8 charts can be added in a layout, the reference data on the chart is increased by 4 times, etc., which is comparable to the trading experience of centralized Exchange.
Add market list, mining high-quality coins
Newdex provides market list, including stable coin trading zone, BNB trading zone, new coin trading zone, etc. Users can find popular coins based on indicators such as “24-hour volume”, “24-hour change” and “24-hour search volume”, and they can also filter the coins they care about based on tags.


About Berry Data

Berry Data is a transparent community-verified price oracle on BSC(Binance Sm art Chain). Berry Data provides a trustless and decentralized alternative for off-chain data. Also, it provides the infrastructure for decentralized applications to query off-chain data by properly incentivizing miners to provide data.

Berry Data is an oracle system where parties can request the value of an off-chain data point and miners compete to add this value to an on-chain data bank, accessible by all dApps on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The inputs to this data bank are secured by a network of staked miners. BERRY utilizes crypto-economic incentive mechanisms, rewarding honest data submissions by miners and punishing bad actors, through the issuance of Berry’s governance token, BRY, and a dispute mechanism.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Documentation

· Berry Data Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· Berry Data Medium (For the latest articles)

· Berry Data Telegram Community

· Berry Data GitHub (For the full set of code)



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