Updates on Berry Farm

Dear all Berry lovers and BRY holders, according to the token model, all liquidity mining tokens will be distributed out along with the end of the BRY-USDT pool. Here are the updates on our Berry Farm that all BRY holders can continuously stake and earn BRY tokens:



*Rewards from the oracle system are ~9.5 BRY per block, and rewards will last for another two and half years. Therefore, in theory, the BRY Staking pool and the BRY_BNB Pool will keep running for the same time period.

Accordingly, there will be changes of the rewards distribution from the oracle network: Miners (30% of the BRY rewards) + BRY Staking Pool (30% of the BRY rewards) + BRY_BNB Pool (40% of the BRY rewards) + Burning Pool (0% of the BRY rewards).

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