Choosing the Right Photo for your Online Profile


LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are increasingly important in your lead gen process. All services are directly impacted by the number of followers you have. So the first step for lead gatherers is to work on creating the best profile possible.

Pictures are essential to your profile. They will greatly influence how people think of you. The right photo can make you look Competent, Likable and Influential.

Whom do you turn to when selecting a profile picture: your friends, your colleague, your partner? Are you sure you and your friends are totally unbiased about your profile photo?

I found a great online service that helps you decide which picture to use. Learn the hard truth about what other people actually think of your picture.

PhotoFeeler provides opinions from unbiased strangers. Your feedback comes from honest, respectful voters of the gender and age range you choose.

PhotoFeeler has separate categories for Business, Dating, and Social photos and 9 traits you can test for. Voters also leave notes with specific insights about how you’re coming across and advice for improving your impression.

I tested three different photos of myself. I got a total of 100 votes and I got some interesting feedback such as: “seem a bit arrogant in this photo” or “would prefer direct eye contact” and “background seems too stark white in my opinion”.

The service is free but buying credits will get you more votes quicker. Packages start at $9 for 40 credits, which I think, is enough to have a good idea of which picture to post on your Linkedin profile.

Originally published at on November 21, 2016.

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