Weed Brings Us All Together

A Checklist for Cliche Internet Videos

Oh, look at this one…

This is internet culture
  • Let’s grab a group of individuals who are distinct in one core property (diversity… check!)
  • Let’s have them do something that is likely out of character (provocative… check!)
  • Let’s make sure that thing is something in current political discussions (propaganda… check!)
  • Let’s make sure one of them is openly gay (gay-all-the-things… check!)
  • Let’s have people talk about the thing in a stereotypical fashion (overanalyze… check!)
  • Let’s use same clip transitions as every.single.other.video on the internet right now (homogenized… check!)
  • Let’s ensure that anyone watching this will be emotionally stimulated without being intellectually stimulated (feels before reals… check!)
  • Let’s make sure that by the end of the video, everyone is thinking, “huh, these people are all basically the same because of the thing. The thing must be great” (non-sequitur… check!)
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