Why We Created Logozign

Back in 2012 when I first had the idea for Youzign.com, an all-in-one graphic software solely dedicated to visual marketing, I thought this project would be the end-all solutions to all graphic design challenges. In fact, I thought that if we could create a simpler way to create marketing graphics like flyers, business cards and facebook covers, all-in-one platform, we would solve designs for a lot of small businesses and digital marketers.

Fast-forward 5 years later in 2017, and I realised (tardily)that to be able to deploy a brand at will across different mediums, you still need four key elements:

  • a logo
  • a background / color theme
  • a product image

And while the last two we can take care of in Youzign, logos have always been a pain point for a lot of our customers. Simply put, creating a convincing logo for one’s brand is hard work.

In fact, if you are a small business here are the four options you may have when it comes to logo creation.

1. Do-it-yourself

Arguably the quickest way to get things done, is to fire up your copy of GIMP, google some tutorials and start designing your own logos. It’s tough but some people manage to do it.

Unfortunately, without the background knowledge that comes with designing logos for brands it can quickly become very messy, and leave you with a logo to be desired…

2. Ask a friend

We all have a “designer” in our friends list (usually much younger than us, like a nephew/niece), and he/she is usually our go-to source for this kind of needs. A lot of times this is a nice solution in that you are getting expert input and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money. Friends help out each others.

The only issue is that in terms of timing, your logo may be delivered more or less fast. Additionally, the problem with friends doing you a favour for free is that you won’t be able to pressure them into delivering your logo as soon as possible. In other words, asking your friend to do a logo for you means you are in no hurry, which is not always the case if you run a business.

3. Hire a designer

Without a doubt the most efficient ways to get a logo done. There is something about logo designers, they truly have the knack to find what makes up the essence of your business in the simplest form.

Logo designers can be costly or incredibly cheap but it’s generally worth it. Only issue is that it may take a while to have your logo delivered and it can be hit and miss sometimes. Still in my opinion the best option if you have money and time.

4. Use a logo software

In the past few years there have been a quiet revolution going on in the world of logo software. While historically, DIY logo design software have been about dragging and dropping things around, there has been a shift towards intelligent logo makers making use of machine learning and user feedback which are truly game changing.

If you have never tried a smart logo software previously, please take a second and try out Logopony or Brandmark for yourself. Deep learning changed the translation industry, and it’s quietly changing radically how logos are made too. If you got half a day to kill, NY Times has an amazingly enlightening (albeit lengthy) piece on the topic.

My only grudge with the intelligent logo maker out there is that they are not (yet) that affordable. In fact a logo created by a smart software may cost you anywhere in between $50 to $100. If you create a lot of sub-brands like we do the bill can quickly go up through the year. This is where Logozign enters the arena.

Our goal at Youzign has always been to create democratic tools which are affordable to all. With our next project Logozign we plan to create the first truly affordably priced smart logo maker.

Logo study for Logozign

If you would like to join us in this journey, Logozign is currently opened for preorders in prevision of the beta starting in December. We are planning to stay at least 3 months in beta up until February 2018, with 1,000 beta testers helping us to refine what we think will be of great help to the small business and digital marketing community.

Click here to learn more about Logozign,


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